Logitech 915-000139 Harmony IR Extender

I’ve been using a Harmony One Remote along with a Logitech 915-000139 Harmony IR Extender because many of my components are behind closed doors. It works fine so I’d like to use my new Roomie Remote setup (includes a iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter ) with it to get the IP to IR signals to the components. I’d also like to keep the extender in place for the times we use Harmony One. Anyway, will the Roomie/iTach setup properly feed IR commands through the Harmony IR extender?

The products are just unrelated. So you would probably just place the iTach blaster next to the IR extender as it’s a functional replacement for that.

Maybe the answer is the same but I was hoping to put the iTach IR blaser in sight of the Logitech IR extender and the extender would feed that IR signal through to my components.

Yes, that should work.

Thank you. I’ll give it a shot this weekend and let you know.

The IR extender works fine with the iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter, so all is well. Thanks for the assistance.