Logitech Abandons Products Again

FYI Logitech announced they’re “selling off” the security camera business a while ago. Like they did with the Harmony line, this basically indicates the product line is dead. It does not mean they wont try to keep selling it for now (although the manufacturing appears to have stopped as almost all models are non-existent in the channel), but if they do it will be same product warmed over by marketing. It does seem abandoning products like this is becoming a tradition there. Most of these kinds of things end with no sale which means they’ve given up on it – made ever more evident by the embarrassingly bad Harmony repackages from last Christmas. At this point with no further news on the camera front in quite a while and no supply in the channel, we’re going to assume that’s all she wrote.

Given the above, while we’ll retain the existing Logitech Alert support in Roomie, we would encourage new purchases to transition to Foscam. Extensive Foscam support including pan/tilt control and live HD/SD cameras is part of Roomie 2.1. While not quite as consumer friendly as Logitech Alert, Foscam does have quite a few features that Alert never had. We’ll be keeping an eye out for additional good options in this space.