Logitech Powershell

Does Roomie support it for buttons or pads? Or is it just for battery access?

It is in your store. Just curious

Roomie introduced support for iOS 7 Game Controllers in version 2.1. This means a wide array of wired and wireless shells and controllers can be used with Roomie to provide hardbutton access to Roomie commands. All of the controls are automatically assigned. For instance the Directional Pad on an iOS 7 Game Controller is matched up to the Directional Pad on Roomie’s Virtual Remote. A, B, X, Y are matched to the corner buttons of the Directional Pad. Pause is obvious. Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder are matched to the left and right buttons of the Media Pad.

These two controllers we have tested and can recommend:


This one was just announced last week and we have not had a chance to try it, but it looks nice anyway:


There are several more out there as well.

Thank you.

Can we customize the A, B, X, Y buttons? I would like, for example, X Y to be rewind and fastforward. Or do I need to make a customers remote for that?

The function of each button is mapped to a Virtual Remote button, all of which can be customized to send any commands you’d like.

Thank you.