Logitech Revue IP Control

I would love to be able to control the revue though IP so I can use the keyboard through roomie.

Yes, I’m looking for this too!

I’d like to use roomie to control my revue also.

If I understand correctly, the revue basically uses an embedded Harmony Link. Poking around a bit, it appears that the Link communicates with its controller app via xmpp (jabber) rather than http. Also, in order to send commands to the Link, you first need to obtain a session key from a Logitech server, which is presumably what the controller does every so often (and I guess what was behind the big outage close to a year ago).

So while this may be doable (and it would be nice if it is), it will probably not be trivial, especially figuring out a way to get around needing the session key. I was hoping it would just be a matter of capturing http commands between the control app & the Link, but it does not appear to be that easy. :sadpanda

The Logitech Revue is a Google TV implementation. It’s well-known how to add support for Google TV. For us, it’s a project about as large as adding iTunes support which was very large. We’re continuing to track customer demand for Google TV solutions and may add it in the future should demand increase.

blog.logitech.com/2010/11/24/har … ech-revue/

So I guess my assumption was that the Revue would use the same xmpp protocol to receive network commands from it’s control app as the Link?

That’s just a completely unrelated feature. That’s Logitech’s way of putting icing on top of their Google TV cake. If you want to control the box, it is a Google TV. The Logitech addition is just trying to make it possible to control more of your IR stuff from your Google TV – a feature that was/is universally thought to be poor back when the Revue/Link was released.

+1 for this feature

+1 for this feature.

The Revue had it’s EOL ages ago. A work around for pseudo IP control can be done with Tasker, the AutoRemote plugin, and Roomie’s ability to launch URLs.