Logitech Squeezebox

IP control would be great… I have 2 squeezebox’s and 2 Logitech boombox’s around the house… Don’t know if there would be a way to integrate an app like iPeng…

Absolutely. This would complete my AV experience as my amp, tv, tivo, media player and DVD are all Roomie controlled, the only component remaining is my Squeezebox Classic.

Since Roomie has a ‘guide’ for other devices, pulling a guide in from the Logitech Squeezebox Server is trivial if the developers follow the API documentation which is easilly available (this is all iPeng does…)

You may have spotted this already, but you can add a command in Roomie to launch iPeng. My string of commands selects my Squeezebox on my receiver and then launches iPeng via a URL commanf (simply ‘ipeng:’ via Safari).


Please add this functionality. It would be great to have in-app feedback from the squeezebox app rather than having to switch to the native Logitech app!

Yes please. Squeezebox functionality would be awesome

Another request for SB support.

Id like squeeze box control also I have 2 rasberry pi’s each with 2 USB sound cards and 2 sessions of squeezeplay each. I’d be nice to use roomie to control them. I currently using ipeng to control the 4 zones. I’m going to try launching ipeng as StevenLyall mentioned above. But I’d still like to see intagaration like there is for my Sonos.