Looking for some smart lighting advice

I am looking to add a smart lighting setup for a house I am building a new house I would like some recommendations for smart lighting. Any ideas, opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated. I might just do the main level. Is Caseta Pro enough, do I make the jump to RA2 select. Thanks very much for the help and support.

Caseta works really well, there are a few limitations. 75 device limit, including the pico remotes, they bumped it up from 50 a while back. Switches and dinners can’t control each other, so if you want two circuits to come on when you press a button, have to use a pico. Except, if you use something like home assistant (or maybe Roomie? Just haven’t tried it that way) you can have the first switch on event trigger the second switch to turn on. There’s a couple second delay imposed by Lutron for the second switch but it works. If you have shop led fixtures that aren’t dimmable, the 5A switch will cause flashing as the bulbs turn on due to inrush, I have some of the 6A switches and tested briefly but haven’t hooked up, it’s an issue when it’s hot outside, works fine all winter.

The plug modules are great for Christmas trees etc, the dimmers and switches are very reliable. Reliability is huge, others who aren’t geeks in your house don’t care why the lights don’t work.

You can automate lights to turn on for instance when the garage opens turn on outside lights, they have vacation mode, what else?

I have RadioRA 2 for many years with about 150 devices, dual repeaters, HVAC, lights, and shades. Works great and integrates well with Roomie as well as other HA tools like Home Assistant

Can you do all that yourself or does it require an integrator? If it is prosumer-friendly, can you give me an idea of costs? I have a big investment in Insteon (w/ ISY), but it seems like their business model is changing and I probably need to think about what my next system will be. I am open to anything that isn’t reliant on an integrator.

I suppose you could, if you can find someone to sell you all the components. What I did is bought the initial install from a local electrical company. They did the dimmer and repeater installs and initial programming. They then gave me access to the software (this was before Lutron had a homeowner program). From then on I bought the any new devices from them. Sometimes, I did my own installation, other times, like with the shades, I had them do it. I did all the programming myself. I never took the Lutron programming. I just worked from examples of what they had done initially. The software is pretty straight forward.

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