Lost receiver feedback need help


I’ve had my system setup for a month or two now, and everything was going smoothly until recently. I was having trouble with my WMC reliably playing live TV from an HD Homerun Prime unit. I manipulated the network settings to allow my firewall (Norton Internet Security 2013) to see this device better without so much interference (adjusted some UPnP settings), and I’ve now lost all volume and input feedback from my receiver (Pioneer SC-63). I can still control all those settings, it just doesn’t actually display what the volume is or what the input or listening mode is set to.

This isn’t the end of the world as it all seems to still work just fine, but it was just nice to have on the display.

Thanks for any help.

First thing to try if you lose feedback like that is to unplug the receiver. Both Denon and Pioneer can get into a strange mode where they respond to control but no longer provide feedback that is resolved by fully resetting them which requires complete power cycling.

Thank you.

Sounds good. I’ll give that a shot this weekend and let you know.

Resetting, like you suggested worked perfectly! Now I’m getting feedback again!

Thank you!