Lutron Bridge or Wink Hub

Is there any planned support for either or both of these bugs which are about to come to market?

hubs - not bugs - darn you auto-correct

I was just going to send something to support to ask them. I have a Wink Hub and for a first version must say it is working great. Their customer support is awesome and their API is located here:

I believe Roomie and Wink would compliment each other well as they are culturally very similar.

Just my $.02

I would also like to see wink. I think wink and smartthings are two future popular home automation devices, they are relatively easy to use, dont have a bunch of moving parts (insteon), and you dont need to be an experienced user to set them up, they are much more consumer friendly. Would be nice to see roomie add these cheaper, easier to use options.

+1 interested in a wink as well. Good price point (lowest cost home automation solution) and it appears they are continuing to improve working issues with the device.

+1 on this. I’m sure it’s under consideration, but the Wink Hub + Lutron Caseta combo has been great for me so far.

+1 please. Wink Hub & GE Link bulbs are lower-cost alternative to Hue Lux.

+1 as well. Just picked up two GE bulbs and a Wink Hub for $40 at Home Depot (Canada)! For the next 3 days Home Depot (Canada) is offering the hub for $0.99 when you purchase two Wink accessories.

Keeping this thread coherent. Since this thread was created, we did release Lutron SmartBridge Pro support. That is in the current release.

We have not added Wink support. This thread can continue to be used for that.

Thank you.

Does that comment mean that it is “in process” or under consideration?


It is certainly under consideration, as are many other devices. If a user is up to working with the DDK, we will help you add support for custom devices working with Support.

Thank you.

Is the fact that the Wink app runs off of a cloud platform an issue? Their app cannot communicate directly with the Hub without internet connectivity to their servers unfortunately, and I wonder if that means that there would be an issue integrating the Hub with Roomie.

It’s unclear to me whether or not the DDK actually allows direct communication with the Hub.

Doesn’t matter to us whether we’re talking to your local network or something in the cloud. Nest is all cloud and that works well with Roomie. The SmartThings support we previewed on Twitter earlier this week is also pure cloud. Our DDK supports it all. The kinds of things that could prevent someone getting this working at a basic level without internal software support from us are unique authentication schemes, unique encryption schemes, etc. So there are certainly possible scenarios where it would require us to create custom software support, but in the general case the DDK as it stands today should allow users to add these kinds of things.

Thank you.

+1 for wink support.

Support for wink would be awesome. To use the Lutron hub you need the pro version and it’s much more expensive than the wink hub and the wink hub does more.

Bump; has anyone been able to get this to work using the DDK? I don’t have the skill set but would love to be able to use Wink - don’t want to have to buy a second hub (the Lutron Caseta bridge) to control lights when I already have this one. :slight_smile:

I actually bought one of the Lutron Caseta hubs, and realized that in order to get it to talk to the light switches, I had to remove them form the Wink hub. That sort of defeated the whole idea of having one place to go to control everything. And if it had worked, it still wouldn’t have allowed control of other Wink controlled devices (Garage door opener, for instance. Wink Hub compatibility is extremely important and useful for my needs.

Checking in here…any chance of Wink support? Would be super helpful for me

They do have enough requests for us to analyze them at this point. If we see that they get rescued from the bankruptcy of their parent as is rumored, then likely we will do so in the future.

Thank you.