Lutron caseta smart bridge vs smart bridge pro

I currently use Insteon for my lighting control. In the V5 simple control I can’t see my different lighting scenes without using legacy control. I am considering switching to Lutron Caseta and I see that the pro version is supported by Simple Control. Looking at both the pro and non pro version on lutrons website I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the two. Does anyone know if the non pro version will work? Also will I be able to see my different scenes again within my different activities? Thanks.

If your needs are straightforward, I would get the Caséta HomeKit edition and integrate via HomeKit. Then you don’t need to worry about the manifest.

If you have extensive needs for Lutron architecture, I would suggest Radio RA 2 instead.

Either way, just using the basic Caséta hub without HomeKit would not be a top choice as they do not provide manifest integration via that method.

Lutron Caseta has two hubs - the regular retail one simply called “Caseta” and the more advanced “Caseta Pro” which is not sold at retail.

The Pro version is a superset - for slightly higher cost, you get all the standard Caseta capability (Lutron app, HomeKit/Siri, Alexa, Google Home Assistant).

There are a few hardware Caseta modules that are also called “Pro” and only supported if using the Caseta Pro hub.

Lastly, I believe the Serena Shades can only be controlled by the Caseta Pro hub.

If you plan to grow to a larger system, you might be better off using the “RA2 Select” instead of Caseta Pro. It is very similar software-wise, but supports the Maestro/RA2 dimmers/switches instead of Caseta.

The Maestro dimmers are more expensive, but include the remote-end models so you can implement three-way lighting without having to use Pico’s to fake it.

Also, RA2 Select supports 100 devices versus the Caseta 50, but more importantly, RA2 Select supports additional wireless repeaters for a larger signal range. If you have a larger house and/or multiple floors and exceed the Caseta wireless range, you have no expansion options.

The “Pro” hubs (Caseta Pro and RA2 Select) have a terminal/telnet command line interface with a documented API. This is the “manifest” interface that Will mentioned above and provides direct interfacing.

If you don’t use the Pro hubs, then you must rely on indirect integration via HomeKit or some systems that have reverse-engineered support for the basic Retail Caseta Hub but I wouldn’t go down that path.