Lutron Caseta

Is the Lutron Caseta compatible with Roomie? i.e. Lutron PD-6WCL

We have been meaning to take a look at that. It is supposed to be a somewhat different protocol from Radio RA 2 that we do support.

The urge to try Amazon’s new same day delivery on a Saturday no less was much too great in this case so at least we’re likely to take a look at it soon. There are a huge number of things we’re working on for 3.0 though, so it’s not clear this will make it. We do provide the custom device DDK to add this kind of thing at any time, generally without feedback but control should be fairly simple:

Thank you.

Are you talking about the Smart Bridge Pro? I would like to see this supported with Roomie as well.

Yes, this is Low Budget version of Radio RA 2! It is a natural companion for us people who can’t afford Control 4 and Creston. (We buy Roomie and Caseta. The Smart Bridge and app work great. Please integrate into Roomie!

Don’t Caseta’s use Pico’s as the light switch? Would like the to look like the Ra2 switches.