Lutron Homeworks

Is there plans to add control IP control for Lutron Homeworks?


We can help you with this. Which generation of the HomeWorks system do you use?

Illumination. . . But I want seamless control via Roomie so I dont have to launch the Lutron App

For the purposes Roomie is designed to accomodate with regards to Lutron which include basically lights on/off/ramp, keypad button activations, lifts up/down, and some others, our support for Radio Ra 2 should be fully extensible to the HomeWorks system. The instructions should be identical. That doesn’t mean it will work as we’ve not tested it, but there is a very high likelihood it will work just fine using our existing support. Just let us know if you see any issues.

Using the new Collect Diagnostics feature, it is very likely that if there is some small problem we can figure out what it is remotely from your device by contacting support directly.

The Lutron RadioRA 2 integration protocol is very similar to the HomeWorks QS integration protocol, and we would expect a relatively high degree of overlap in functionality. However, the HomeWorks Illumination system uses a different protocol, as it was developed well before the invention of the RA 2 system. Both sets of integration protocols are publicly available, and we are more than happy to provide them to integrators who are developing tools to allow them to control Lutron systems through other controls.

Roomie support for Illumination would make sense since there are way more systems out there than QS

We are implementing a system lutron eco-systems with QSN-2ECO driver I wonder if supported by Roomie

Hi, I’m able to successfully telnet into my Homeworks Illumination system to turn on/dim specific lights. However when I look at the available commands to choose from across Roomie Remote “Lutron Integration” and “Lutron Homeworks” none of the commands match up.

Eg. I need to use KBR [2:8:1:1],1 to turn on the lights. So yeah the integration protocol is totally different pre-RadioRa2 or is .BUTTON RELEASE equivalent to KBR (Key Button Release)?

It seems like I need to make a custom device so that I can simulate a telnet login w/username & password followed by entering in the necessary commands for the desired lights.

Does anyone have any advice/code to leverage for this last mile of automating my lights? Previously I had a pure serial based Homeworks processor which came with the house, we just bought and I ended up doing a minor upgrade to the Homeworks Illumination system for Ethernet/IP connectivity and while I’m able to get the IOS Lutron Home+ mobile app to fully work, I prefer having it all fully integrated into my custom roomie remote controls by room.

Any advice / guidance here would be so greatly appreciated.


This thread is very old and outdated, there is now a dedicated set for Homeworks so you wont need to do anything custom. Support can assist you with that if needed.

Thank you.