Lutron Lighting

Would it be possible to control more than one lighting load with a single slider on the iPad/iPhone? Instead of having to do multiple sliders…

I tried putting in the integration ID of multiple light switches, but it just uses the first one in the list.

Also in the next revision could you have certain devices “saved” so you don’t have to type in settings every time you add the same device, but in a different room?

This would be helpful when doing lighting, but also a receiver that has a speaker selector with multiple room zones.

Controlling multiple lighting loads is always best to centralize on the control system. So from a Roomie perspective you would want to control that via BUTTON commands that you’ve configured as buttons in the Lutron software.

The BUTTON commands envelop the multiple loads into a single command in Roomie. To do all that from the Roomie side would cause things like light ramp levels being slightly out of sync, etc. So really the way to do that is already supported.