Lutron Pico for volume control

Hi! I’m trying to setup a Lutron Pico to control Denon receiver volume. It seems to work once when I press volume up but subsequent presses do nothing. The same applies to volume down. I’m not sure I set it up correctly as I couldn’t find any documentation on how to setup a hard button remote. Here is how I set it up. Please advise on what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

Did you try adding a Repeat-Continuous command after Denon Volume Up and Down?

When I click … next to Volume Up, “Add Repeat” is grayed out.

You’d need to look at the diagnostics (pinch to zoom anywhere on the screen – on the Primary Controller). I don’t see you doing anything with Button Release, might need that. Or submit a ticket. We’re deep in V7 development right now, but at some point we can probably look at a diagnostic for you.

Thanks for the info Will! I wasn’t aware of the diagnostics prints. I looked at them briefly but didn’t have a chance to look in detail. I’ll review the diagnostic prints in further detail and submit a ticket later.

For now, I’ll provide a little more detail about what I’m seeing. I added another button trigger with action Nvidia Toggle Play/Pause. Each of these button presses works the first time I press it but if I press it again, no matter how long I wait, it won’t execute the command again. i.e. If I press the volume up button, it responds correctly but pressing volume up again does nothing. I can however press volume up followed by volume down and they both work. I can repeatedly press volume up followed by volume down with continuous success as long as I don’t press the same button again without first pressing a different button. The same goes for the play/pause button. Not sure if this additional information helps but I wanted to provide some further detail about what I’m seeing. As I said, I’ll look through the diagnostics to try to figure out what’s happening on the second button press that’s different than the first. Thanks!