Lutron Ra2 Home Bar Edit

So far I appreciate the version 5 update, specifically the concept of the home bar. I previously had a custom popup activity with remote design to control lights/thermostat. This activity will be replaced with the addition of the homebar. However, will I be able to edit which Radio Ra2 lights appear in which rooms, or is this configured via Lutron software? Also, will there be a way to customize icons for certain lights in the homebar remote design? For instance, some of my lutron lights are dry contacts that control a fireplace. I had a fireplace icon in the custom remote design which I am hoping to bring back in version 5.

To edit the manifest of a bridge device (Lutron RR2, ISY, Vera, etc) to override which room a device goes into, open the device, tap View Manifest, tap the device to edit, and set the room override for it.

In the absence of an explicit setting, we do try heuristic name matching. For instance “Living Room Lamp” will end up in the living room.

Currently you can’t override the type of a device such as designating a light should be treated as a fireplace.

I see, thanks! Would it be possible to assign a single light to multiple rooms?

I also suggest a new feature of being able to edit the icons for individual lights and re-order lights shown via the home bar. Again, I love the concept of the homebar, but I think it needs some ability to customize.

Is there a reason you can’t dim lights from the homebar without selecting an individual light? In other words, you tap lights in the home bar, it pulls up a view of a bank of lights and their respective levels. You are unable to move the slider to dim an individual light without taping the light then changing the level. Are there plans to change this? v4.5 remote designs allowed you to move a slider which was a much better experience.