Lutron RA2 Timeclock Events

Hello - I am attempting to send Lutron Timeclock commands from Roomie. Currently, the Lutron RA2 code set does not support the use of Timeclock commands.

I am attempting to add a new custom device to my Roomie configuration with the help of the DDK documentation. I have tried with the following plist for the Lutron custom device with a couple of test commands, but it did not work. When I try adding the new customer device in Roomie, it shows up, but once it is added, does not have spaces for the user name and password for the Lutron repeater. Note - I have been able to successfully add other custom devices to my configuration. Just not sure how to accomplish this with Lutron RA2.

brand = Lutron
cat = Integration
method = lineio-crlf
type = 12