Lutron Ra3 Support

Are there plans to support recently announced Lutron’s Radio Ra3 system?

I’ll be a little surprised if it doesn’t just work, but who knows. 7.1.2 has a ton of new stuff in this area, but RA3 is purely speculative. It’s not even certain which API it will use, but my educated guesses are it will just work or will require only trivial changes.

Thanks. Lutron said Ra3 will integrate through their LEAP API which I think is what Ra2 select uses. Regardless, hopefully the integration to Roomie is relatively straightforward!

Hello, bumping this up for re-review. I am in the process of building a home and am about to pull the trigger on a RadioRa3 installation. I’d like to use Roomie Remote in lieu of spending on something like Savant and wonder if we can confirm Roomie can control RadioRa3. Thanks!

We have this working and officially approved in beta right now. So yes the usual major Fall release should pretty certainly have this support.

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