Lutron RadioRA2 dimming

I like the way we can dim a hue light in the home bar under V5.5. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that same thing with Lutron rr2 devices? I’d really appreciate any guidance on this topic. I’d also like to understand feedback? Is see a command in rr2 command set that looks like it should somehow send feedback but I don’t understand how to use it?



I submitted this as a support request and it turns out I can dim RadioRa2 devices. It’s all about the Manifest. If anyone else has this issue just scroll down in the device panel, click on manifest and click update. Then you’ll see all your RadioRa devices and can add to rooms, keep them in the default (which works pretty well, probably depending on how things are named) and also hide them from the home bar. I did this with some controllers I had that were hybrid controllers that I had not actually connected to a load. All is good now! Thanks to support for responding quickly! I’m finding I can do most everything I want to with Simple Control!