Lutron Sivoia QS Shades - Hardwired Low Voltage


I’m currently, renovating and looking to get new lutron Sivoia QS hardwired shades for multiple rooms. The dealer has already advised me to run low voltage wiring from shades to my mechanical room and “switch” for shade in the rooms to the mechanical room. He’s also advised that integration control it will ultimately output in RS232.

I’m now trying to figure out how i would control the shades through SimpleControl? Do i still need to get the Homeworks or some other Lutron control system? Or is there a way for the Rs232 to be IP addressable? I’ve seen something called a QS Ethernet/RS232 Interface, but i’m not sure if this is adequate? He did mention that Control4 or Crestron dealers usually integrate with these RS232 commands, but wasn’t clear as to how they do that.

I also have a MV Vera Edge and ELK M1Gold security system that can talk to Lutron. Unfortunately, from what i’ve seen it’s mainly for the Radio RA 2 or the Smart Bridge Pro? I’ve seen some older documentation on it working with Homeworks, but nothing definitive.

Would love some help, so that i’m not spending extra money for redundant controllers if i don’t have to.

Thanks in advance for the help!