Lutron Timeclock Commands

Is there anyway to send a command to execute a Lutron Radio RA2 Timeclock event? The specific usecase I am currently trying to solve is adding a button to enable or disable Lutron Motion Detectors. The telnet command would execute a time clock event which could include enabling or disabling a motion detector in the system: #TIMECLOCK,4,5,3

I haven’t done this myself but it should be simple.

Assign a timeclock mode to a phantom button on your main repeater in essentials. Then in Simple Control add a button that presses the phantom button you assigned your time clock mode too. Should be that simple!

Hey tartel926 - Thanks for your thoughts on this. Unfortunately the Lutron software is limited to programming phantom/scene buttons to Timeclock Modes, and NOT Timeclock Events. If I assigned a Simple Control button press to ultimately set a Timeclock Mode, that Lutron timeclock mode would need to contain an event to run every second or so to either “enable” or “disable” motion. That is why I was thinking the solution could be within Simple Control.