Lux Thermostat integration

New to Simple Control but I am loving the ability to finally integrate all my devices with this platform. I do have a question though - I have hydronic floor heat with 8 zones and have them controlled with Lux Thermostats. These are Wifi enabled devices and would seem like a good candidate for integration but it doesn’t look like Lux has much in the way of partnerships aside from Google Play and Amazon Alexa control. Like most of the WiFi thermostat platforms, it looks like this one is cloud based - any plans on the Simple Control integration roadmap for Lux devices? For reference, these are Lux Geo thermostats - the more expensive Lux Kona thermostats are HomeKit enables but swapping all the Geo’s out for Kona’s would cost me over $1,000 so I’m hoping to avoid that. Thanks!