MacOS Primary Controller Issue

I’ve had my Mac running as a primary controller without issues for years… until I recently upgraded to Big Sur, v11.6. I always have multiple desktops open and the Roomie App, v7.0.2 is on Desktop 1. If you leave the focus on any desktop other than Desktop 1 where Roomie is running and then try and start an activity, nothing happens. The same behaviour you get if your MAC is in sleep mode (which is expected), only its not in sleep mode, its just not on the desktop where Roomie is running. As soon as you swipe over to Desktop 1, then try launching the Activity again from your iPhone, it works. Swipe back to say, full screen Safari or Mail and you get the red banner on your phone advising of lost connectivity to controller.

Anybody seen this?

Have covered this so many times.

Page 20. Page 64. And everywhere else. That’s just how macOS works with Catalyst apps. Gotta keep the window visible.

Of course, we could make a background server edition for macOS, but then we’d be unable to support HomeKit because Apple requires App Store for HomeKit. So it’s a trade off. Best thing to do is run your primary as recommended on a Living Room iPad in Guided Access, or on a dedicated AppleTV 2021. Unless you already have a macOS system you can leave in stasis. Assuming you need a primary at all which many systems do not.