MadVR Envy Support?

Hey Guys,

I’m hoping for a bit of guidance with how to setup a MadVR Envy video processor.

This is the write up on it in the link below, but I’m not entirely sure how to make it work with Roomie.

Any suggestions as to the Protocol would certainly help.

Much appreciated!

The protocol is simply Telnet with Linefeed. You can test it with MadVR’s IP command utility (available for download from their website) or using Putty or your telnet tool of choice. The only thing unique is that the Envy will timeout the connection after 20 seconds if there is no traffic. The Envy has a Heartbeat command to keep the connection open but I haven’t looked into creating a continuos loop with the Heartbeat command. Right now I just do a double button hit. The first one seems to wake up the connection and the second one works.

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Thanks, just now seeing your post (and had I, it’d have saved me a ton of time). For whatever reason, the Envy had an IP and was showing up as online and active in my router (UDMP), but wasn’t accepting any commands. I couldn’t see this was happening until I installed and used the MadVR IP utility. A quick reboot of the Envy, and we were back in business. This issue alone is what made this all seemingly impossible.

One other thing to note - in the MadVR IP doc, is states that you need to send a “return” command. 0x0A, or 0x0D are amongst those referenced. However, within Roomie, this isn’t needed and wont work with it added. Just the command itself is good. I mention this for anyone reading this thread.

Regardless, the basic commands are now plugged into Roomie, and it works via the protocol you mentioned. But - I’d still love your export if it’s built out. Otherwise, I’m happy to spend time on this and send mine your way.

For now however, as long as I can put it into Standby and take it out, that gets me 90% of where I wanted to be with it for the short term. Also, I’ve never built out a Roomie menu design from scratch (only edited over the years), so that’ll be the next thing to figure out.

Can’t believe I’ve been using this app since 2013 and still haven’t done much with custom devices…

Sorry, just figured out how to do this from iCloud. It’s not my normal repository. iCloud

In theory I just made some changes that might allow reasonable plist attachments in posts. Otherwise, you can just zip them.

Looks like the file is no longer shared.

MadVR -Envy Extreme-lineio-crlf.plist (1.3 KB)

Thanks, Will, it looked like it worked.

Thanks for this. Here’s what I had so far (for another perspective).
MadVR-Envy Extreme-lineio-crlf.plist (1.7 KB)