MadVR Video Renderer


I’d like to add a MadVR Envy Extreme to Roomie Remote.
I don’t see it listed in Roomie’s ‘add device’ Video Renderer list.
Typical commands needed are:

  • wake from standby when the system is turned-on. Note: MadVR will automatically turn-off after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • switch profiles 1 thru 10 with ability to name each profile.


We provide a Custom Devices feature for exactly this reason. This is not a listed device so you need to paste the commands into a custom device.

It has been years since I’ve used ‘Custom Device’. All good. Now added to my system :+1:

I also added a MadVR Envy a while ago using the Custom Device feature. These things are getting very popular, and they are receiving a ton of press and awards for the home video shows. They are selling very well, I assume, due to their long wait times for new machines, so it may be worth adding as a compatible system. I’d be happy to share the IP documentation with you and work with you on testing.

Great, you could attach it here or send it to support, and we’ll throw it in the library.

I’m sure it’s a wonderful device, we just don’t have one and the codes for it are super simple. We could add them, but I don’t add without testing. Your testing is sufficient.

I don’t think it would help my own home theater, so I also can’t really justify it as a cheat. I use a Barco Balder CinemaScope which has a lens that is natively 2.39 and various morphing options within that working well. So the aspect ratio stuff would be out. Which leaves improved HDR tone mapping, not sure that’s worthwhile on a super high end projector?

Hello. I have had a madVR Envy in my theater for 3 1/2 years now, and following retirement from my medical career, now work with an AV company that sells the Envy. This has become my ‘specialty’, so to speak, and Clive above actually alerted me to this thread.

I’ll be happy to help in any way I can, as I am in regular contact with the madVR team, and can help open up any conversations if there is a need.

Regarding HDR tone mapping, the Envy will do a better job than any Projector can do on its own, regardless of the price range. The Christie Eclipse is considered one of the absolute best projectors out there (with an equally impressive price tag!), and they recommend pairing it with the madVR Envy for the best possible picture quality. I can give other examples, but this one should suffice.

So if there are any Envy related questions, I’ll be happy to address them.

I have worked with several people who have the Envy, who also use Roomie, so anything you can do to facilitate the integration of these systems would be awesome.


The codeset sent to us by @ksalno for this device was cleaned up and added to the main library. This is the port 3000 protocol.

I finally had a chance to test this and it works for the most part to emulate the functions of the hard remote. Here are the things I observed:

  1. Aspect Auto - I didn’t test because I leave mine in Auto all the time
  2. none of the other SetAspectRatioMode commands showed up on the Envy commands or as a drop down with multiple nested commands
  3. Power On is unnecessary and there is no remote command for it anyway. Power on must be done via WOL, which works fine
  4. Power Off works, but Standby does not. You might try the command KeyPress Power instead. It works with telnet
  5. Restart command doesn’t show up in the Roomie Envy UI anywhere. It may no longer be used by the new model Envy I have. Standby is all I used anyway.
  6. Input command also doesn’t show in the Roomie Envy UI. This function has also been deprecated in the new version of Envy and is no longer on the remote either
  7. Yellow key doesn’t work. I think there may be an extra space in the KeyPress parameter.
  8. The ToneMap Toggle doesn’t show up in the Roomie Envy UI, but is unnecessary because the Green button will do this, so the Toggle command is redundant.

A couple of enhancements would improve the usability of the UI. If Left/Right/Up/Down/OK could be associated with a D-Pad, that would make them much easier to use for navigating the Envy Menus.

Less important but a nice touch would be to use Colored Button icons for the 6 colored keys on the new Envy remote. The V1 remote only had the four Red, Green, Blue, Yellow buttons but the V2 adds a Pink and a Cyan button.

Also, most of these buttons have a primary function and a secondary function. The primary is accessed via KeyPress ButtonColor. The secondary is accessed via a long button press on the remote. However, the syntax in their manual for a long button press fails with telnet, so I have a ticket open with support to find out what the proper syntax is. This may be another change with the V2 remote. The API manual I sent you hasn’t been updated for the new remote or the new model of Envy Extreme, so we’re probably missing some changes.

Finally, what is the port 3000 protocol? As you know, Envy uses port 44077.

Obviously all of your tests/comments are invalidated by a custom design you must have created which is why you didn’t even see most of the codes. Reset Design. Difficult to tell if anything is valid above other than the incorrect port since you didn’t actually see the codeset.

Port 44077 is corrected though since it is a manually added device, technically irrelevant on our side.

What is the process to Reset Design? I did have a custom code version of the Envy, but deleted it as a device and deleted if from the activity I was testing with. I then manually added a new Envy device (it was not auto discovered) and then added that device to my test activity. I then tested the activity. That is what my feedback was based on.

Never mind, I figured it out. Even though I had deleted all of the commands for the custom device, I failed to actually delete the custom device itself. Once I did that, your new UI showed. I will do some testing tonight with that and provide feedback. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, I was able to test again tonight after deleting my custom config and everything is working. However, there is no Power On command. Power on can only be done from WOL command. However, I recommend that you keep the Power list but remove On and add Standby and Restart to the list, since they are both Power related commands. There are also some features that are missing for the new Envy remote but I contacted MadVR and they don’t have the API updates for these yet, so I will let you know when those are available. Thanks for doing this.