Make Activity buttons shorter, so we can view more w/o scrol

On iPhones, Activity buttons take up far more space than required. On my iPhone 5, I can only view 6 activities. (Probably only 5 on older iPhones.) The remaining activities require scrolling.

COMPARE: On an iPhone, take a look at the Favorites page in the Phone app. Even with the header and footer, you can still view 10 contacts (on an iPhone 5) – and they’re very comfortably tappable. I’ve never tapped a name by mistake.

Please consider making Roomie’s Activity buttons shorter, so we can view more Activities at once, without having to scroll.

NOTE: Since some users might prefer the current size, ideally this would be an optional feature. In fact, if button height could be specified per room, we could keep the taller buttons in rooms that have fewer activities, and opt for shorter ones, only as needed. (That said, I’d be perfectly happy with an option to make the buttons shorter globally.) :slight_smile:


Make it a bit shorter. Do not make it an option. That is not necessary, and adds to ‘optionitis’ :slight_smile:


Nope, make it an option, or leave it as it is.

I love how people make “demands”; it’s their way, or not at all.

Not everyone works the same way or has the same needs, philhu. Hence, the suggestion of options. That’s what software is for: It’s a tool to make our lives easier and more convenient. Roomie is already powerful software – with many options to suit customers’ needs and taste. Features that constitute “optionitis” for you might be rather critical for someone else.

The purpose of this section of the forum is to make suggestions. Additionally, I happen to care about how other users perceive change, so I suggestied this be optional. (I also happen to have extensive software-development experience.)

My request was reasonable AND considerate of the needs of others. Ultimately the developer will decide.

If you have a fear of “optionitis,” I invite you to avoid looking at options as new releases are made available. Or don’t upgrade. :slight_smile:

I do GUIs for a living. I totally understand your request for this as an option. I have just watched upgrades added as options causing there to be 20-30 options for minor changes, that then require a huge learning curve to figure out what the options each do.

Thats why I am partial to having an option to make the activity items 1/8" shorter or not.

I think a better way to do the option would be to allow the user to move the line between activities to make it fit as they want. That would give the user control, instant feedback and a changed display if wanted.

I didn’t mean to sound overbearing, I’m sorry. I just deal with ‘options’ all day long.


We have a better plan for this than any of the above proposals, really, so there’s no reason for anyone to fight over it, :wink: Probably 1.9 or 2.0 we’ll take care of this.

It’s been several months, and the solution has yet to reach our hands. :slight_smile:

I look forward to your “better plan,” and I truly hope 2.0’s coming soon.

For the record, presently, when we edit activities, each item becomes “shorter,” and we can see approximately 10 items per page. I’d be happy if activities were always about that size, rather than becoming smaller, just for editing, then larger again. :slight_smile:

That said, a “better plan” sounds fantastic. But a full 6 months later, it’s been a long wait…


well there’s been talk of 2.0 being previewed in about 2 weeks so change is coming and I’m excited!

Our solution to this did make it into 2.0…

Thank you.

Congrats on 2.0! It’s really a fantastic update. Congrats.

Unfortunately, 7 months later, although activities are now displayed in a new, attractive grid, the new display doesn’t address, as efficiently, the original intent of this feature request: the ability to see 10 or more activities at a time. :slight_smile:

The new tiles nice in that they’re like big buttons. But one can still see only 8 at a time.

I’d still prefer an option to display activities as a list, like before, but with each item shorter than before, so that 10 or more activities could be viewed at one glance without scrolling.

Again I cite the iPhone’s phone favorites page as an example of a layout that would allow 10 or 11 activities to be viewable at once. (Screenshot attached.)

Holy buttons, Batman!

Just now (for the first time in 2.0), I hit the Edit button on the activities page, and what happened? All of the buttons shrank in height – allowing me to see 10 activities on one page! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for, all these months! – Except it’s only available for editing activities, not for viewing them. Why?!

Please let us opt to use the compact buttons at all times!! :slight_smile:

Buttons are shorter in 2.0.3!! :slight_smile: