Marantz 8003 preamp/processor ip control?

I am using roomie with great success on my simple living room system. Now it’s time to tackle my theater. Can anyone tell me if my Marantz 8003 can be controlled through the Ethernet port or will I have to use the RS232 port? Want to order correct Itach device.

That’s definitely going to be an IR device.

I know this thread is a little old, but I’m wondering why you say this device will definitely be an IR one. It has full RS232 control, which I’m currently using with feedback on a Pronto. Do you think it’s sufficiently different from newer Marantz models that Roomie won’t work with it via RS232?

Yes, of course, we didn’t mean to imply it wouldn’t support serial. It would simply not support IP control.

Although at the time if we recall correctly we may not have had the necessary pre-2008 Marantz command set in Roomie so it was probably correct when we said it but now serial should work fine for that model as well.

Thank you.

OK - thanks very much for that quick clarification.

this is interesting news. sddawson, is there a source for serial commands? I am assuming the Roomie files will be functional but would be nice to have feedback. At this point I don’t know enough to invest in the serial controller. I have adequate ir control but serial with feedback is intriguing.



Not sure if the Roomie support for older Marantz models supports feedback. Can Roomie please verify that? I found some very capable AV8003 scripts for use with the Pronto, that included feedback. I also have a manual that came with the AV8003 that details every RS232 command and its feedback.

Yes that set has volume, mute, power, input, and mode feedback as per the Serial Compatibility list:

Thank you.