Marantz Av8805 Ip Dpad not working

Hi all
Roomie finds the Marantz which is all good, also had feedback plus volume. But I can’t understand why the Dpad is not working. The Mac address is the same , its on port 23 but not luck with the Dead. Ive had to use an IR device for the Marantz to get it working. The Marantz app works so … Am I doing anything wrong ? Is there another port no that is meant to be used ?


Some Marantz/Denon models have multiple DPads when controlling via IP. It’s super confusing to put it in a gentle/positive way. The commands are there for each DPad, but you the user need to determine which DPad to use at any given time. For the primary case of the setup menu, version 6.5 actually gives you a second DPad in the tray for the device. You can add a Custom Module to create such a DPad now as well of course using the MENU CURSOR […] commands.