Marantz or Yamaha Surround Pocessors


Does anyone have any experience using Roomie Remote with either the Marantz AV8805A or Yamaha CX-A5200B surround processors? The compatibility list generally shows compatibility with most Marantz and Yamaha receivers, so I assume the command protocol for their surround processors would be pretty much the same as they are basically like high-end receivers without the amps built in (assuming also the feedback display for volume, mode, etc. would work too). I need to replace my old Pio Elite SC-68 (finally getting the dreaded UE22 error and pops/clicks from the DSP) which I’m using as a processor (amps disabled) and considering the Marantz processor, or maybe the Yamaha. Any experience / thoughts regarding Roomie compatibility with these units would be helpful.


The Compatibility list clearly includes such models. We used to specify by model many years ago and that’s just a waste of time now as every model is compatible for many, many years, certainly from those brands anyway.

I have been using Marantz AV 8802a since I purchased this great unit, has worked perfectly using Roomie and standard device set up👍

I have an 8805a and it works great with Roomie.

I am looking for a command for my Marantz AV7005 that seems to be missing. When switching to my blu-ray player, I would like to switch my Surround Mode to Auto. The command “Surround Auto” does exist in IR. I guess it may not exist in the IP set.

For the Marantz device try MODE AUTO
FYI, I think you can configure each input on the Marantz to remember the last settings for that input so you don’t have to set the mode each time.