Marantz Receiver Feedback

It would be great to add support of Marantz (HEOS/IP Models) media and tuner feedback. I would assume this is relatively easy since Denon receivers have a similar API and already have this feedback feature supported. Thanks!

There is no difference between Marantz and Denon. You can add HEOS manually, see Compatibility page.

Yes - that works well with HEOS. However, it seems the tuner feedback does not appear for either Denon or Marantz devices. I actually also tested this with my Pioneer receiver and same behavior. The compatibility page does not seem to specify that tuner station should appear in the feedback. I am doing something wrong or is tuner feedback not supported on receivers? If not supported, I think it would be a nice feature add.

HEOS is where all the feedback for music services is these days on those units. It sounds like you’re talking about the old stuff from 2009 that it replaced.

I guess that is the case. The Marantz control app shows the tuner station feedback, but the HEOS app does not. Seems the tuner station feedback is still sent via telnet port 23, not via the HEOS port 1255.