Marantz UD 8004 IP Control

I own an Marantz UD 8004, this can be controlled by serial and also by IP.

As the Marantz Blu-Ray Players are compatible with roomie using serial it should also be possible to use the same codes for IP Control (According to the Roomie DDK).

Can you please add the Marantz Blu-Ray Players to the available IP Players ?

I already ordered an IP2IR device but would like to us IP whenever possible.


That should work on port 23 added via Manual IP.

I tryed using manual IP, unfortunatly Marantz is not offered when choosing the type Blu-Ray Players…

Marantz is just the fancy name for Denon. The same command set is used for Denon’s BD players.

I know that Denon and Marantz are nearly the same, but for the roomie user it would be easier if Marantz was also listed in den Blu-Ray Player section.

Anyway I will try the Denon commands…

That is exactly what we do for supported products (of which this is not currently one). If this works for you however, we can add that.

Just some Feedback about the Marantz UD8004.

I got every key on the virtual device to work using manual ip on port 23. The only thing that I don’t realy like is that you have to set the Marantz Standby Mode to ‘Quick Start Mode’ to the the Power ON Button to work.

I think only the serial control is active in normal Standby Mode.

Is there another way to to wake up the Marantz or Denon’s ?

There are no light’s on the Ethernet port, therefore I think they are not powered in this mode :frowning: