Marantz Volume Control

Just getting into Roomie, and so far, so good with setup, using the forums, etc.

I have a Marantz AV7005 IP controlled, and it’s working fine. But the volume level number shown in Roomie does not equal what’s shown on the Marantz (or the TV). In fact, Marantz shows a positive number, and Roomie shows a negative number. Volume up and down works fine, but the numbers don’t match - ideas?

That’s a setting on the receiver. By default, almost all receivers use THX reference volume that generally goes from -80.0db to +18.0db with 0db theoretically representing the reference volume. If your receiver is only showing positive numbers, it has been changed away from the default THX volume setting.

In some cases such as with lower-end Onkyo receivers, they do actually come with a simpler 0-100 volume scale and Roomie offers the ability to turn on or off THX Volume translation in that case.

Thank you.

Thank you. I was able to change the receiver setting, and all is in sync now for the volume level.

You mention a roomie setting for turning off or on the thx volume translation. Where is this setting? I might want to do this and stick with the 0-100 scale.

We can enable that setting for other receivers. We were not aware that Marantz model had an option to disable THX reference volume. We’ll try to get that into a future release.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you again.