Marantz Zone 2 Setup

I have a Marantz SR6012 with Zone 2 capabilities. What I’m trying to do is play Pandora from my Roku then send a video signal (say a Wii) via the zone 2 HDMI to the TV. Essentially I want to play Wii bowling while still listening to Pandora through my Marantz receiver.

Couple of questions about how SC5 works with zone 2…
Do I add Zone 2 as a separate device?
Should the “remote” for zone 2 control only the zone 2 functionality?

I’ve tried doing the above but when I added an activity to turn on zone 2 and bring up the zone 2 remote, the media playing on through my receiver stopped. When I change the input on the zone 2 remote it appears to change in the input on the zone 1 remote to the same thing as well.

Any help would be appreciated.