MCE Controller config files

So I decided to setup my HTPC (currently running MediaPortal) with Roomie and loaded up MCE Controller. First off, I noticed that your URL for MCE Controller is outdated in your compatibility list… their new page is and has a much newer version than on the old site (1.6.1 is the latest).

Anyways, my reason for this post is I was wondering if we could somehow implement a subforum or similar where people could dump their MCE Controller configs (text or files) to be able to share them for use with specific apps. I spent about 2 hours last night perfecting a MCEC settings file to work with MediaPortal and would love to have an easy way to share it with other users. I’m sure there are other windows apps that people are using MCEC for as well. I realize some PC apps like XMBC have their own API, but for other apps that just use keystrokes, sharing the completed setups could save us all a good amount of time.

Thanks, we have updated the MCE link.

It is possible to share files via these forums.

@rossbeck - are you able to share you MCE Controller config ?

many thanks

jslinnha: I’d have to see if I still have it. I’ve since moved on to using XBMC instead of MediaPortal and no longer use MCE Controller, but I might still have my config file(s) somewhere.