MCE Controller Problems

I have MCE Controller 1.8 running on a WIndows 7 PC to provide Roomie Remote IP control. Some things work, but others such as the arrow and enter buttons on the directional keypad don’t; I see “unknown command” error messages in the MCEC logs.

Does anyone have the directional keypad working with MCEC 1.8? I assume that I need to either edit the Roomie Remote commands or the MCEControl.commands file.

Hi, yes the MCEControl.commands file has changed in 1.8 and some commands are therefore no longer mapped. Simply edit that file yourself and add corresponding commands. I’m creating a completely new set of MCEControl commands to suit well with Windows 8 now, controlling the Windows Store app UI as well as standard desktop apps.

I just encountered this issue being just setting up my 1st activities etc. Surprised that it didn’t get more attention, but for now see,s updating mce files in Windows is way to go.

I used this as an excuse to test out my XML skills (ha!) to create some ‘custom’ cmds In roomiecodes.plist, eg VK_LEFT,VK_RIGHT etc, total of 6 codes. But these never showed up when I went in to modify the mce controller remote.

I completed a restore after changing the plist file to ensure codes would be updated. Am I assuming incorrectly that my ‘custom’ codes would’ve merged with the default roomie/mce codes (where ever they hide, couldn’t find them!)??

If I’m way off track could someone kindly set me straight as I would like to setup some custom cmds to drive the mediabrowser plugin within WMC.



Custom command sets will override (not merge) with an internal command set if the brand, category, and type are identical.

Thanks Roomie!


so what is best way to do this? Male a new custom device with only the extra cmds, but slightly different config so both devices can then be used in the remote?


or does it this mean you need to resource and add all original roomie cmds for a device along with the custom cmds into the roomiecodes.plist? If so where do you find the original cmd set for a particular dethe that you need to add to?


The maintainers of MCE Controller seem to change their core commands at the drop of a hat. We’re happy to take update submissions to the command set for 1.8+, but we’re probably going to fork it into a new command set at this point so as not to annoy people who don’t want to upgrade their MCE Controller yet.

think i have this issue too. just bought a dell inspiron to use as an HTPC with roomie remote. installed mce controller (the newest one 1.8) and as mentioned above, most of the media center remote buttons work, but not all, especially the arrows. i understand the command file needs to be updated/remapped, but don’t know how to do that. can someone help? maybe send me their updated command file or something? thanks!

Do you have a time frame for when the new command set will be out?

We’ve been sending it out from support and it seems to work well for those users, so we’ll include it in the next library update which should be in the next few days.

Hi after i upgraded my roomie remote from 1.9.3 to 2.0.0 the MCE controller inside the roomie software no longer shows up the keyboard and mouse icons to control the pc.

Was this intentional or is a bug, i really need this feature.

It sounds like you are using a custom Remote Design and Roomie will of course not change your custom design. Just use Reset Design or add desired buttons to the Virtual Remote. The functions you are talking about are now buttons on the Virtual Remote and able to configured in the Remote Design editor. They are also added by default to all new or reset designs.

Thank you.