McIntosh MA252 remote control

I’m trying to set up a McIntosh MA252 for use with my iTach IR emitter.

Since there is no category for “Amplifiers”, the next closest category is “Receivers” (I’ve had luck in this category for other brands of amps).

While The MA252 (which is an integrated amp) is not listed, there are a few other MA-series IAs listed, so I tried one of those as a start.

There’s not much to do with this component…On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Input and “Trim” (Balance, Bass, Treble), Left, Right, Up, Down.

I was able to get volume & mute working well. There are only 4 total inputs, and the McIntosh HR091 remote only allows you to step trough the inputs, not explicitly select one. I didn’t see an “Input Toggle” command, so not sure how to implement that.

Power unfortunately appears to only be a toggle versus explicit on/off; otherwise that works fine.

I also haven’t figured out how to configure getting into “Trim” mode, but once there Up/Down/Left/Right in the command list will probably work.

Any suggestions on how to move forward with this device?

For any device ive had trouble getting the codes for via Roomie or |Global cache direct ive use the learn command via roomie and just copied them from the remote. never had any trouble with it at all