Mede8er media player IP

All seems to work well, except the Menu button, via IP. No reponse.

for IR, the menu command works

how did you get it to work via IP ?

I didn’t - I have to create a separate IR device just for the menu command. which is stupid. No response by Roomie, they should fix this as it is a supplied device by them

I figured it out - Roomie, you may want to update the file.

The MENU command from Mede8er, and I presume that is used in the Roomie supplied device, is designated as EDIT. This is wrong. Change it to MENU, and the menu button works as expected.

Until Roomie updates this, create a custom IP device, and and add this command:


Easier to paste it as text I guess…

(Mede8er lists it as:/cgi-bin/cubermctrl.cgi?id=1&cmd=CMD_EDIT which does not work)

OK, we’ve added a command called EDIT and changed MENU MAIN to CMD_MENU in the next library update.

Thank you.

Great - thank you very much…

forgive me if I missed it somewhere but does the device autodiscover? If not what port does it listen on? Thx.

Manual ip - port 1024

Its not clear to me, does the Mede8er MED600x3d work over IP with Roomie? My Dune works fine. I added the device with its static IP and port 1024 but the remote does not control any command on the Mede8er. Is it supposed to work over IP? If not, is that still on the list to be added?



No one interested in the Mede8er any longer?