Media Center Discrete On/Off codes

Discrete On/Off codes for windows media center have been available for a couple of years now, could you please add them to your database? I am in the process of migrating from a Logitech Harmony to Roomie and can confirm that the codes provided in the Logitech database work correctly. See here for further info: … 426/page/2

If this has already been done then please accept my apologies for wasting your time.

Many thanks.

OK in addition to the request above, I am finding that there are 2 IR control sets listed for WMC of which only one seems to work with my WMC IR receiver. Unfortunately only the one labelled “original” works, this is the one with the fewest number of codes defined (no digits, only 2 activities, no text etc). What’s the deal here? Am I really the only person wanting to control my WMC using standard MS IR codes?


Usually, WMC is controlled by companion apps like MCE Controller via direct IP control which we link to in the compatibility page. It has indeed been quite a while since we’ve had someone ask about the IR set due to the fact IP control is so much simpler and more powerful.

However, we’re happy to add those codes you linked to a future update. They are by the way in standard Pronto code format which means you can paste them right into a RoomieCodes file and use them anytime with these instructions:

Thanks for the reply. I was indeed using MCE controller for a while but found that it was still necessary to use the IR codes for wake and sleep. Also, MCE controller didn’t seem to want to play nice when watching Blu-rays using PowereDVD’s WMC plug-in. Logitech’s database of WMC IR commands was so huge and comprehensive that I wouldn’t need MCE controller if the same list was available in Roomie.
Is there anyway that I could use an existing codeset as a template to edit rather then go through the rigmarole of creating a whole new custom device? With work and family commitments there just aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to setting up my URC solution using the instructions provided above.

Thanks again.

It sounds like what you might really want is Wake-on-LAN to wake your PC when needed. Version 1.6 allows you to specify any arbitrary system for that. Version 1.5 also supports Wake-on-LAN, but you need to specify the MAC address via auto-discovery.

In the meantime, we’ve added the codes to the next library update. You can also learn or add new codes to a supplemental RoomieCodes file per the DDK and then reference them in any button or commands throughout Roomie.