Mediabrowser 3 support

As a long time xbmc/plex user I am looking to make the jump to the new media browser 3 server.

I am unsure if the team is aware but this is likely going to become a popular media player solution. The mediabrowser admin has also stated he will gladly offer any information and help the roomie team with its needs to add functionality easily to roomie like xbmc has. The mb3 server is a great simple server like a more powerful plex, and completely free.

I would really like to see some support for this from roomie. Roomie has done a fantastic job in the media player area, this is about the only single client not avilable in roomie.
Here is the product for the team if they care to look at it.


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Another +1.

Using MediaBrowser3 more and more (it’s kinda amazing); support for it would be great.



Add one more +1! If this can be implemented it would be a fantastic (and more than likely profitable for the devs) option to have.

+1 Been using Media browser 3 for a while. It’s crazy good!

Just wanted to mention the roomie team can view the api documentation, once you download the server, click on the icon and it offers api documentation, all of it is made public and one of the top guys as mentioned said he would offer any help needed, his name is luke and is on their forum.


I paid for the xbmc package, and would pay for a mb3 one, as mb3 evolves i plan to make the switch from xbmc over the next few months. I would hate to have no support for it, when the team has support for nearly every media player. It would almost render roomie useless as a universal remote for me then anyway.

Love new roomie 2.1, but mb3 is my now media center application i use and noticed support for it was not added, i want to see plex level support for it, but i cant incorporate it in anyway into roomie :frowning:

Adding a full Media Guide device with a completely unique API like MB3 is quite a large task. XBMC and Plex share roughly 60% of their APIs which makes it feasible for us to share a lot of the work between them.

Perhaps some of the MB3 supporters could help educate us on the (1) unique benefits of MB3 over XBMC/Plex, and (2) any information on population size of MB3 users. It does seem to have a lot of interest here on our forums, but it’s not clear how much that correlates with the real world.

Thank you.

Thank you for your response, this will be a bit lengthy. Your quite correct it is unique. The team will definitely help out and they are active on their forum, and if you would like i am willing to put in the work to make this work and help you guys in anyway possible with what you need.


Its a new product and I am new to it, but its becoming more and more popular as a plex alternative, they are currently working to add every feature plex has (including plexpass features for free) the only thing that costs money is some 3rd party plugins which you can buy or not.


Some things I like about it, well i came from avsforum i found you guys through avsforum and we like our picture quality. Medibrowser htpc client supports madvr (mpc-hc plugin) and its basically the be all and end all for htpc users who care about picture quality.

Many features such as chapter image extraction, if you switch from full blu ray to xbmc/plex you dont have chapter timelines anymore like on blu rays, and images like on full blu rays, i really missed this, not an issue anymore. Also the transcoding was very smooth for me, more so then plex. I can also automate everything on the server, i barely touch it and everything runs smoothly in the background. They also added live tv, does plex support live tv? Unfortunately it does not, and in a server environment unlike xbmc this is very powerful for cable card users.


You will also find people on mb3 forum say the prefer the transcoding and streaming over plex for at home use (very smooth), metadata is a big one, i add anything to my library and i have all the metadata that i could only dream of, they collect high quality images from a ton of great websites and its all automated! I was a long time xbmc user and it was never this simple with them. Also customization, plex does not allow flexibility to do certain things like mb3 does. I can also set up videogames and they are working on integrating videogames into their htpc clients (classic video games). I and others i asked also seem to prefer mb3 UI. Also i rip full blu ray mkv files (25gb plus) plex just struggled with some aspects doing this, when i tried plex last year forced subtitle issues were a nightmare for full blu ray users forced subtitles are an issue in the ripping world, mb3 server offers much better handling of forced subtitles right at the server level.


For me mb3 is basically a bridge between plex server client service ease of use, and xbmc flexibility while being much simpler.

Theirs plex posters on their forum who discuss why they like mb3 over plex, or things they like better about plex, but your not going to find everyone prefer one or the other, customers and potential customers you will likely find varied response with some liking mb3, some liking plex, while offering both is more work, you cover everyone. Outside of maybe the odd request for jriver on here you guys cover every media center so Im not quite sure why exclude mb3? You seem to put alot of work into something like kalediscape which i dont want to be offensive seems like it would have a very limited user base given the cost of the system. As a home control solution you would just be eliminating customers who use mb3 as a potential media hub.
They added their streaming to chromecast the other day as well just like plex, the only feature plex users say they want included yet that they are working on is streaming library to their freinds and accessing the library easily away from home, but they say its coming.


I never gave mediabrowser a look before mb3 server client system was released, but I wont leave it. And if i cant use roomie with it…

If you guys need help with the api the team has never refused a request, the support is excellent on their forum, something i also dont get from plex or xbmc.


Also just one last note, media browser has had a large user base for years as a windows media center plugin, if you used windows media center you likely used media browser. Many avsforum users preferred it to xbmc. Some like me at the time preferred xbmc. Right now though they are in a transition as those users and new users move from the old system to the new server client system. They have been around for a long time, while media browser 3 and the server client system is only about a year old.

And one other point i forgot to make, their is a mb3 server plugin actively developed for xbmc, some of those users are using a hybrid system so your also going to find some xbmc users using mb3 as well. I did for a bit until i fully switched over fully.

I’m a plex user here… but I did notice on the mb3 site that they also have a roku plugin… now I know that’s no substitute for a full-on windows htpc but it could at least tie you over in the meantime if you must use roomie.

Just wanted to mention one last thing, I spoke to mb3 dev member who said he could offer help getting mb3 working with roomie, he looked at your product as well and stated:


Also, I had a slightly deeper look at the roomie SDK. It supports http API links via a XML file, so it would be very easy to support our MB3 server api.

+1 for me as well. I used to be a plex user - paid for the lifetime membership and everything.

The mb3 interface for both the server and client is so much slicker than plex. It is plex no more, for me.

Please add mb3 support.

+1. I have just switched to media browser 3 from plex and XBMC. It would be great if i could integrate MB3 into my roomie setup.


Im fairly new to roomie remote, i just switched from plex to mb3 for most of media server needs. In my opinion xbmc is a very simple easy to use media center and for that its popular, plex and mb3 are the future allowing access to media from anywhere on any device. This is very powerful stuff.

For roomie i would just like the htpc client media browser theater supported at least. They have a unique and easy to use remote api they added recently you can check it out in the web client, depending on what client your connected to the universal remote functions are highlighted that you can use on that client and ones that you are not able to use are darkened. It would be very simple to at least add for the htpc client which has no support in roomie, (they have the basics such as up down left right, play,pause, menu ect…). For mb3 on roku and things like that i can just use the roku. Its the htpc i cant do anything with in roomie running mb3.

Of course a guide like i seen people requesting for plex would also be nice as its a very guide focused program for artwork. But even just the basic controls they added would at least make it functional. They are open source so the remote control api is available.

+1 for me as well, i also use mb3 htpc client after leaving xbmc (wanted something more advanced that was not tied to just individual devices but was centralized to serve all clients) I had to decide between plex and mb3, and while plex has a 5 year head start its amazing how close to being caught up mb3 is to plex, plus having unique features (if i left xbmc for plex I had to give things up, if i left xbmc for mb3 i didnt). While plex may also be more popular to general public (it being a fork of xbmc help and illegal plugins) avsforum htpc poll favored mb3 by 2:1 margin with more enthusiast type users.Opinions will vary, many will still favor plex (I like the plex iphone app better right now).

I also use the htpc client for picture quality purposes, they are close to unveiling an overhauled version as well with a new ui. Its the only thing I cant control with roomie (still using the old wireless logitech keyboard, feels like im 2007).

Also +5 …
Me, my father and a couple of my friends also use Media Browser to watch our media.
75% of our TV activities is watching Media Browser …
If Roomie would support this We definately would buy a +10 device pack, a ethernet ir kit (in belgium we have a Telenet settop box to watch regular TV) and probably Roomie Service.
I’m a long time Media Browser user and given the support I’ve had from the developers and the friendly userbase I’m pretty sure they would be more than willing to cooperate in developing something for Roomie …