Mode Lighting Control (eDIN)

Hi All,

Looking for some help with adding this to the Roomie database and getting it configured. I know eDIN isn’t a widely used lighting control system for home users but it is very flexible and integrating it with Roomie would have big advantages for users.
I’m trying to get some more information out of the manufacturers but its proving tricky. The main processor (NPU) has Ethernet control and RS232. There is a support document on their website describing RS232 control and feedback. See here: … cessor.pdf
So given the above information can someone give me some guidance on constructing the plist file entry to control eDIN via Roomie? My system is on a fixed IP address and requires login to control the system. This would need to be included within the Roomie coding so you can save your login details.
Any help on this would be much appreciated. I’d be happy to construct the file and then share it with the community for any others looking to do the same.

Thanks in advance for any help.

OK I’ve been playing around with Telnet and have managed to work out the protocol for sending a command. I’ve opened a telnet session to the network processor within eDIN and managed to recall a lighting scene with the following:

scene 128

where ‘scene’ is the command and ‘128’ is the scene number already programmed into the system.

Now that I’ve got this basic control via telnet can anyone in support help with integrating this into Roomie using the standard plist file format? I could really do with some guidance.

Support can help with that, yes. (Just to clarify, this is the forums, not support.)

The Support link is on the right side of the page.


Did you get eDin to work with Roomie remote? I’ve just installed the first part of an eDin system and although I like the hardware, I’m not so keen on the software. Out of the box it only supports browser based control.


Yes I managed to get it working with help from Roomie Support. It utilises the telnet control function within the eDIN NPU. Support can help add the eDIN device to Roomie using a custom plist file entry. You then need to look through all your scenes within the web interface for eDIN. You need to note the scene number for each scene you want to control via Roomie. You then use this scene number as the command within Roomie.

It works very well for me and is much faster and easier than using the eDIN web interface. The missing element at present is active feedback. I’ve been in contact with Mode Lighting over the last few months and they are working on feedback for eDIN so hopefully by September this will also be a feature.

Hope the above helps.

Hi, thanks very much for the fast response. I haven’t purchased Roomie yet but now I know it supports eDIN I’ll go ahead.

Kind regards