Modifying virtual remote

Why not just define an Activity with a custom Remote Design and no Start Commands? There is no effective difference between that and a Show in Room remote except that one allows basically everything and the other doesn’t.

True, that is an option. I was thinking if I could modify the virtual remote in a nonactivity mode, it would keep the actual activities seprate and more organized. That way,I wouldn’t have too many activity buttons to get confused which one does what and also I wanted to be able to have a better use of thoes non activity remotes but apparently that is the only choice right now.

I am trying to add an activity and assing the menu button for my sc-25 to the virtual remote to be able to modify some settings but I can not find the Menu command under the list of commands for sc-25. I have chosen the 2009 Model Zone 1- Serial. I see the ipod menu but not the Amp menu.

Maybe that is why it does not show on the virtual remote under the non activity remote for sc-25.