Monoprice Monolith HTP-1

Any plans to add support for the Monoprice Monolith HTP-1?

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Can I vote for this ? Many people would love to have HTP-1 in Roomie Remote

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As a reminder, custom code sets can be added very easily now. If this device has a published protocol, you can now enter the codes right into the Roomie UI in Settings. We have not received any requests for this device other than the 2 so far in this thread, but that is not needed to add support for the device any longer.

I think there are a ton of us who are silently hoping this device will be supported. It’s unquestionably the best AV processor on the market under $15k.

AFAIK nobody has contacted support yet to step up on this device. The other thread is for “Monoprice/No Hassle AV Multizone Amp” which seems unrelated.

Hi Will, I just messaged you through the support feature in the app. Looking forward to working with your team on getting this working. Thanks!

Can I vote for this? Many of us here are ready to help

Re-stating the procedure for getting this supported.

  • Find the protocol doc. Put the codes into a codeset and verify it works. This is all very straightforward in the UI now under Settings > Code Sets.
  • Submit the custom codeset to us at support along with the protocol doc.
  • Volume feedback support will be added via the beta program and someone will need to test each beta build to verify.

This assumes the unit (1) has a protocol at all, and (2) that it supports volume feedback. These steps are generic and apply to any device of this nature.