Monoprice Multi Zone Audio Custom Plist Help!

Hi all, I am looking for some help to create the custom coding for a mono price multi zone audio system. I have the control list from the manual, and I have Xcode but I have no idea where to begin. I started a plist but I could use a hand just getting started on the codes then I should be able to figure it out from there.

The manual is located here … 140402.pdf

It is a very large file, pg 14-15 have the codes needed for rs232 control

That looks like a good start. Now just enter the codes from the document. For instance, the value for POWER OFF should be “PR00” without the quotes.

For an added bonus, add a .VOLUME FORMAT with a value of 403 per the DDK. Then add a .VOLUME SET with a command of “VO##”. That will enable the volume screen, but will allow some volume values at the top range that aren’t supported by the device.

Thank you.

Ok, do I have to add a code in order for it to control only the zone which is in use?

From what I see, which could very likely be wrong, is that the code for power off in zone 1 could be “11PR01” but I also think it could be “11PRPP01” as the first section in the document shows xxPPuu as the command structure. Let me know what you think, or if I am over thinking it completely.

The document is vague. We’d advise asking the manufacturer if your first few tests don’t seem to be right.

Thank you.

Any status on this? Interested in helping out here as I have the same objective.

Any update on this? I don’t see Monoprice listed as a manufacturer under the Multizone System in the Simple Control app. Would be great to get a custom code if someone else has developed.

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