More advanced config management - User names, selective conf

I would like more flexibility in configuration of handhelds running Roomie.

Baseline assumption: All handhelds (iPads and iPhones) are sharing one configuration file (sync’d over WiFi, backed up over DropBox or iTunes or iCloud).

More advanced configuration locking to prevent both inadvertent and unauthorized editing. I realize this feature is partially added with the Mac agent, but for those of us not using a Mac/Mac agent this is needed. This is the “wife” and “kids” mode to prevent casual users from either accidentally or explicitly (kids love to play/explore with apps) making changes which wreak havoc.

More than one backup version. I know you probably don’t want to implement a lot of back-end file system complexity with Dropbox etc. but having the backup always overwrite the current saved configuration provides no recovery from “oops”. Even a limited ability to alternate between two backups would at least provide 1 level of “undo” for hitting the backup button too quickly.

Naming each front-end device: “Mom’s iPhone”, “Family Room”, “Guest Remote” will really help in managing which people or rooms have various capabilities such as…

Selectively including only some Rooms and Activities in a particular front-end device. For example, the iPad in the family room named “Guest Remote” might exclude activities that control the Zone 2 whole-house audio system, the security cameras, etc. The device names “Kids iPhone” might have activities for Playstation or Xbox that “Wife’s Remote” does not need so it can remain simpler and easy to use.

Finally, I don’t need this but I can see the benefit and probably others will chime in, but multi-house configuration would be awesome. That is, a level higher than Rooms where you can select “Main House”, “Guest House”, “Beach House”, “Ski Cabin” etc, and be able to quickly switch the entire remote (especially when it is your personal iPhone that is always with you) to the current location. Really cool would to geofence it and auto-detect your location and switch automatically, but that’s just an ultimate bell and whistle.

Please note: I don’t expect all this to be free - I have no problem with you charging increased levels of pricing for some of these features based on the value they provide and/or the added complexity to implement.

Advanced locking even with PIN numbers is handled by Roomie Agent today. The ability to swap between multiple backups is also easy with Roomie Agent. Perhaps what you’re asking for then is a port of Roomie Agent to some other platform.

The ability to name your iOS device has always been a feature of iOS accessed via General->About. Roomie uses that everywhere.

The ability to lock a particular Roomie to a particular room is a feature coming up in 2.0.

Thank you.


Will the locking allow selection of activities within the room? If I lock a Roomie to “Living Room” I also want to include/exclude some, but not all activities within that room instead of creating duplicate rooms with only some of the activities included as desired.