More customization

first of all. Sorry to bombard you with feature request… This will be my last for a while… This app is already fantastic and I think it has the potential to be one of the best options out there… With a few enhancements… Here are a few ideas.

  • The ability to arrange the different modules up and down in an activity.

  • Some sort of line lock that prevents buttons from shifting to other lines when rotating or syncing from phone to tablet

  • A 4th type of button… A Custom drop down button Where you could add as many commands as you like.

  • More customization on the remote/device level. This would be a great place to let people edit input names and disable inputs and listening modes that don’t apply to their particular device.

  • 3 different use modes. Single room mode would not display the room option, multi room mode would display the rooms option, multi location mode would add a 3erd hierarchy for multi locations.



keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Excellent suggestions. I could use many of these as well. I would add that a user guide is sorely needed.