Mounting tape for iTach IR emitters

The double sided adhesive tape that affixes an iTach IR emitter to an A/V component seems to be losing its grip on some of my emitters so that the IR emitter falls off and the device can no longer be controlled.

Do you have any recommendation for a double sided adhesive that will securely affix the IR emitter to a sensor (without bonding it permanently)? Thanks.

The tape is pretty good, so much better than many years ago with other products. But in general a professional installation would indeed use a hot glue gun which provides a more precise and long lasting connection while also being easy to remove and replace. That would be something like this:

Thank you.

I appreciate the reply and suggestion, but I’ve never used a hot glue gun before – the heat will not damage the plastic finish on electronic components, correct? Also if the emitter has to be removed do you need to heat the glue again or does the glue just pull off? Thanks again.

Glue and glue guns vary widely. The one we linked is popular and simple and cheap. We use it all the time. The glue after it hardens can usually just be pulled off. It’s easier to remove in general than adhesive.

Thank you.

Thank you – I just placed an order for the glue gun through your store.

Interesting - had not thought about using a glue gun. Pardon my potential ignorance, but do you apply the hot melt glue between the IR emitter and the AV faceplate (i.e. is the glue IR transparent) or do you apply a ring of glue around the sides of the IR emitter to hold it in place (and is the glue then ugly/visible to the human eye?)

Also, although not ideal, is there a specific brand of double-stick tape widely available that works best if one wishes to continue using tape in the short term?

My reply is late to your question, but for archive purposes, I’ll answer. You would apply the hot glue around the perimeter of the IR emitter, creating a bond between the emitter and the faceplate of the component. The glue will aggressively hold the emitter in place, but will have just enough give (when cold) to allow the emitter to be pried away from the faceplate when needed.

I have had good luck with “Scotch Clear Mounting Squares”.
3M Scotch Mounting Squares, Clear

They need to be cut to size. They are double sided sticky, clear and thick. Easy to apply and remove.