Moving Rooms between Homes

I’ve recently upgrade from an older version. I had done a great deal of programming several years ago and have since sold that home and moved everything to the new home. Previously I had all devices in one ‘Home’ and now have them split between two homes/two different networks. How can I peel what was a room from my primary home and paste it into the second home?

While looking for a solution I attempted the following;
Back up Home A
Rename Home A to Home B
Restore Home A from the Back up
I thought it would in essence create a duplicate home but it did not. It appears that a Back up is of the entire confirguration?

This idea is just so prone to failure that it really shouldn’t get an official response as that would imply there is a correct way to do this. This is theoretically possible with extensive hand-editing of the plist files which obviously is not recommended for any normal user.

Thanks Will. My days of editing plists are gone. I’ll go down the reprogramming route.