Moxa Device Server

I am wondering if anybody has experience using a Moxa device (terminal) server, instead of the supported one from Global Cache? It will support TCP server mode and can accept 4 simultaneous incoming TCP connections. I will give it a shot unless somebody says that it definitely will NOT work.


Update: i used a 2 channel moxa 5250 that i had lying around at the office to control an older yamaha rx-v1500 and a newish samsung pn59d550 (using ex link) with 100% success with both items. I can happily report that power on/off works correctly for both devices, and that source selection and aspect select on the samsung work properly with ex-link (which was not the case for ip control on the Samsung).

i am still in evaluation mode with Roomie but so far so good. All issues so far have been minor in nature.