Multi iPad/phone house

Is it possible to have two id’s control one version of roomie?

We have a FAQ on that topic:

Okay so what would I need to buy twice to make it work with two ids assuming I need infra red also…

Assuming it’s one family and you can hand your device to the other person to get software updates, nothing.

So if she is using the family room system and I’m in the theater and we’re signed in using our individual apple ids will they both work?.

The iTach doesn’t care how many devices you use. The only problem that could arise are if you try to control the same target device at the same time, and it’s an IP device that only supports one connection. Doesn’t sound like you’re doing that so you should be okay.

Sounds good. sorry for the newbie questions.

Have a Sony Bravia kdl 55hx800 it picks up in the equipment list but roomie has no control over it, not even power. Any ideas?

We publish compatibility listings for IP here:

That model is not in it which means it needs an iTach for control.

You can share an Apple ID on multiple devices. Then you only have to buy apps ONCE! You can have seperate iCloud IDs so everything else it seperate. Just sign out of one ID and sign into the other and download the apps you want to share. Apple supports this. Lots of families share music etc this way. When you have App Store updates you will just have to enter in the password for the unsigned I’m account on your device. So if you are signed in Account A and have updates for apps purchased with Account B iTunes will just ask for the password. Lots of sites discuss this feature of iTunes.

Yeah - we do that now - I just wanted to make sure that the roomie app would support the different sign on’s with one version of the app. Thanks!

What I did is create an email address and iTunes account (without a credit card) for the house, and then “gifted” Roomie to that account from my primary account. Then I gave that iTunes account login to my family to put on their devices.