Multi-room devices


im just setting up my system and have finished setting up my first room. I’m just starting the second room and have noticed that all of the devices I have already added to the first room do not appear in my device list. Is there a way to enable this as a lot of the devices are used in multiple rooms (via HDMI matrix etc), or do I have to add them to each room as i go along?



Multi-room devices is a feature we’re hoping to implement soon.

Is there any update on this topic?

(semi) easy-to use multiroom support would be the killer feature pulling me over from the laboriously created multiroom setup on my current BitWise Controls setup.


2 Tivos and an apple TV shared vie Just Add Power switch… plus local tuners and tvs and blu-ray in some rooms…



We added multi-room devices a long time ago. One danger of using the forums is that there are probably a lot of ancient threads on here that don’t accurately represent the current state of the product.

Thank you.

I have used roomie with multi-room devices, including Sky boxes, Apple TV’s and WD Live media players through both the HDanywhere HDbaseT matrix’s and CYP. It works brilliantly. All these dvices were located in one place and Roomie does all the switching for the room locations.