Multihome: Can I clone/duplicate a configuration?

With the new Multihome support can I duplicate an existing configuration to create a new location?

This would be very useful to create “master template” locations and also for cloning an existing location for testing or tweaking without impacting the existing/working configuration.

I wouldn’t call it a “duplicate” per se. But certainly any existing configuration simply becomes a Multihome Location when that feature is turned on. You can add as many locations as you like (device count are summed across locations) to experiment with test scenarios. There is not currently a way to copy anything between them however.

Thank you.


I guess this is then an enhancement request to allow copying an entire house or room to another house or room and then being able to edit the settings of the devices (to choose the appropriate device since IP addresses will be different, IR ports might change, etc.)

That would allow pre-populating a “template”, cloning it when at the destination, and quickly tuning it to the actual configuration.

Adding favorite channels to tune, multi-step scenes, etc. can take a lot of fiddling. It would be helpful for anyone with more than one location or client to have a way to craft the configuration in advance and be able to rapidly deploy to a new environment.

I think the capability to copy/edit devices has been requested by others already; with Multihome, this becomes much more useful to have.

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