Multihome Support Questions


I just upgraded to Simple Home from Simple Control Legacy. I have Simple Service, Simple Hub for Mac (licensed), and Simple Multihome license all purchased through the Simple Store. I seem to have the basic components talking to each other, but I have some questions.

Even in the Roomie days I was using it to control stuff in two homes. Everything seemed to show up in the default location , so now that I can create locations, how do I transfer some of those existing devices and activities to a new location?

In the multi-home / multi-location scenario, is Simple Hub intended to be location specific? I’ve been running Simple Hub on a laptop that goes back and forth between locations in Simple Home I seem to lose the pairing with the Simple Hub in the iOS device.

Is there any documentation on Multihome? I’ve search the Knowledge base and the forums and haven’t found anything.

Thanks - David

Each Location must have a Simple Hub. It is now so trivial to run a Simple Hub including simply by turning it on in an existing iOS device that this burden should be minimized.

If the previous way you managed multiple homes was by combining everything into one configuration, you will want to remove everything related to different homes and create each location using the Add Location feature.

If the previous way you managed multiple homes was using the recommended path of storing each configuration separately and then swapping them in as needed via Dropbox, you just need to pair with the Hub at each location with that location’s configuration active.

Yes, lots of documentation was added as part of this release, see the Simple Control Setup Guide: … up-guides/

Thank you.